Attack of the 50 Foot Demon

CD-ROM coverby Larry Moss
published by Fooled Ya!
in association with Parma Publishing
PO Box 509, Seneca Falls, NY 13148
(315) 210-6331
CD-ROM for Windows 9x/NT and Mac OS
Minimum of 2x speed CD-ROM drive is recommended.
Web browser required (any standard browser, including those that come with current operating systems is sufficient)
U.S. $20.00
ISBN: 0964849747

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Learn to create massive balloon figures using dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of balloons. Larry's balloon fabric creation techniques have been used in decor for small rooms as well as television studios.

This educational CD-ROM, aimed at the balloon professional, contains all of the information an experienced balloon twister needs to begin making balloon fabrics using circular, spiral, and criss-cross methods. In addition to many pages full of explanations and drawings, this CD contains nearly 30 minutes of video.

As an added bonus, two special sections, including balloon busking and figures based on 6-inch heart balloons, are present on this release of the CD.

For those that wish to see what they are buying before buying it, and in the interest of information sharing, much of the material found on this CD-ROM is available online. The material online is not the most current version, but rather a pre-release version with lower quality video for easier web downloading.

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About the CD format:

Platform independence is becoming increasingly easier as technology improves. Everyone has a right to pick the platform they prefer to work with. With that in mind, this CD-ROM was created to work equally well on PC's and Macs with the software you are already familiar with. Rather than bundle a special package needed to read the contents of the CD, it will run with any standard web browser. This way you can run the software you already know how to use. There's no delay as you learn a new package. In addition, by not packaging an extra viewer, the cost of the CD could be kept down.

Unfortunately some UNIX users will run into some difficulty with this CD. While it is a standard ISO 9660 CD, it uses Joliet extensions for long filenames to allow Windows users full access to the CD. A version that supports Rockridge extensions (the most common UNIX variant of ISO 9660) may be made available by request.

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