Twisting History - Lessons in Balloon Sculpting

book cover by Larry Moss
published by Fooled Ya!
in association with Parma Publishing
PO Box 509., Seneca Falls, NY 13148
(315) 231-6331
paperback, wire bound
ISBN 0-9648497-3-9
U.S. $14.95

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Twisting History was written to answer the most common questions about balloon sculpting:
  1. ``How can I learn to make funny things out of balloons?''
  2. ``Can you make anything besides dogs and cats?''
  3. ``How do balloon animals fit into the evolutionary history of the world?''
You will find in this book:
  1. Step-by-step instructions for creating sculptures from balloons. These include common figures, as well as many new creations.
  2. Ideas for using balloons to entertain audiences.
  3. An illustrated, and perhaps slightly ``twisted,'' history of balloons and balloon animals.
Endless possibilities exist for those that learn the art of balloon sculpting:
  1. Impress your friends.
  2. Embarrass your friends.
  3. Get free food.

Goal of the book:
This book, unlike most how-to books, was designed to be fun to read. Beginners and experienced balloon sculptors alike will be able to learn from it and laugh while doing so.

For the beginner:
There are clear directions on everything you need to get started, including inflating the balloon, tying a knot, and all the simple twists needed to create a wide variety of sculptures.

For the experienced sculptor:
Many of the sculptures in the book were created by the author, and are currently not found in print elsewhere. While the book starts simple, it works it's way up to a sculpture of a bird in a cage.

Sculptures in the book:
Basic dog and variations, turtle, swan, dove, parrot, horse, snail, teddy bear, monkey, octopus, reindeer, bat, clown, motorcycle, the Enterprise, bearded man, airplane, helicopter, large motorcycle, tulip, daffodil, daisy, flower pot, large flower, various simple hats, bird in cage.

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